Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

9 months ago
Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool helps users download Windows 10 and is perfect for users who want to download other Windows too such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 This tool offers a fast and effortless way to upgrade your PC with the most advanced version of Windows. You can use this tool easily after downloading or use a DVD or USB flash drive for the purpose.

This tool is also helpful for those who want to update their Windows to the latest version, but they are unable to get the latest build. This post will help you use the Media Creation Tool.

How to Use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool?

Nothing is better than using a clean and fresh version of Windows on your PC. This tool allows you to download Windows 10 that is free from all types of nagware and bloatware that can enter your system through downloads.

To perform a clean installation of Windows 10, you’ll need to have a flash drive or a removable disk; even a DVD can do the job. Follow these steps for the installation:

1. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to your system.

2.  After prompting, use the option to create installation media for another PC. To install Windows, you will need at least 3 GB of storage of removable media.

3. Now, select the version of Windows you want to install to your system. Make sure that the Media Creation Tool has the same settings as your system which you are using to download the Windows

4. Now, follow all the prompts that come along and the tool will start downloading Windows 10 files from the servers of Microsoft.

5. If you want to go for a clean install, the tool will wipe all the other programs on the PC except the basic  files. Hence, if you want to preserve any particular program, you must prepare a backup.

6. Then, open the settings and go to the option of update and security. Tap on the recovery option and click on the 'restart now' button in the option of advanced startup.

7. Now choose 'select from removable media' in the advanced startup panel.

8. When you are prompted to install Windows, you can change the region and language settings.

9. You then have to accept the license terms for Windows and you will be prompted to the type of installation you want, such as custom.

10. Then you will be asked the location where you want to install the Windows. Choose the option where you want to install it.

11. Until the installation is complete, you have to follow the prompts.


You will now be able to access the newly installed Windows 10 on your system. You’ll have to run the update checker because there will be no automatic updates. 

The Media Creation Tool includes built-in media creation options for DVDs and USBs, different file formats for different download speeds, and an option to convert to ISO file format.

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