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[Read this first] – What Are Vulkan RunTime Libraries?

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What Are Vulkan RunTime Libraries

Are you a Windows user who has come across a strange, unknown application on your computer which says "Vulkan RunTime Library"? and wondering what is vulkan RT?

Well then, you are not alone. The good news is that it is no virus and is completely safe being where it is.

Bad news is that you lack some sort of knowledge, but through this article, you will be in decent shape to understand what Vulkan Runtime Libraries are and what they are doing on your computer unwelcomed.

What is vulkan runtime libraries

The Vulkan Runtime Libraries are also known as Vulkan RT. These are applications which are usually brought about thanks to your display or graphics card. Such card manufacturers, mostly NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, are what bring about this program through updates and installations.

It is not a useless software, and neither is it a virus; it is simply an API for 3D graphics developed by these manufacturers.

Vulkan RunTime Libraries

Image Source: thewindowsclub.com

It works with your computer in order to enhance performance and minimize the CPU usage. It is usually necessary for the functioning of high-end graphics such as video games or high-definition movie streaming.

Their appearance is not a point of concern or worry whatsoever. You can definitely go ahead with life like you always did.

Vulkan runtime libraries -should i remove it?

As we have talked about in the former half of the article, there is no need to worry about or do something with the library that is present.

Instead, you need to just be aware of the library for your own knowledge and comfort. Not all applications will make use of the Vulkan RT, and you might as well never need it.

 However, it comes with the presence of the graphics card and is there in case it might ever be useful.

Given that not all the applications make use of this library, you may try to uninstall it, but there is no guarantee that it will not affect your system negatively.

Keep in mind that if you do uninstall the library, you will not be able to install it again on your own. It is better to be on the safe side and let it be, as compared to taking a risk and deleting it without having a backup plan.

In the worst-case scenario, your games and applications might not function properly without the Vulkan RT.

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That being said, Vulkan Runtime Libraries are completely normal to have on your computer. They come about with the graphics card and their updates, and they assist you with previewing applications which require high-end graphics.

 You do not need to worry, as these are not viruses or malware whatsoever. The Vulkan Runtime Library is only there for your own benefit and will continue to exist as long as you have a graphics card on board which is manufactured by a reputable company.


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