Unable to open mailbox properties in Exchange 2010

mailbox properties in Exchange 2010


WARNING: The object “object path” has been corrupted, and it’s in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors happened:

WARNING: Property expression “object name” isn’t valid. Valid values are: Strings that includes ‘@’, where ‘@’ cannot be the last character

As an Exchange administrator we get above error message because of corrupt AD account or if any changes are done which is not supported by Exchange.

So, issues are like exchange 2010 mailbox properties locked and it may gray out after warning.

To identity the issue we can also use Powershell to get mailbox properties in exchange 2010

Get-mailbox –identity “username”

With this command we can get a hint and will be able to resolve correspondence issue.

Solution:- Please check object from Active Directory. Go to Active directory Users and Computers => path of the user OU => Open Properties => and go to Attribute editor of the user.

For the above error message, UserPrincipalName is the culprit and it needs to set up as per organization structure. It should be firstname.lastname@domainname.com.

Once you do these changes and replicate it to active directory. Issue would be resolved and you would be able to access the User mailbox properties.

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