The Top Cloud Computing Vendors 2016

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Cloud Computing Vendors

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Are you looking for Cloud Computing Vendors for your organization? Whether you are in search of a platform where you can store personal information, or professional data related to your brand or business, cloud computing and cloud storage is quite a popular and contemporary means to do so instead of storing it locally on hard drives and such. Using cloud services can prove to be convenient, cheaper to other options, and allows a person to have much more storage space without having to purchase hordes of infrastructure.

But often at times, it can be difficult to choose which platform or cloud service provider you should go for. When making such a decision, you must keep in mind the exact requirements of your brand, business, or your own self, and weigh the characteristics of several cloud vendors against your needs. Here, we have reviewed a few of the top cloud computing vendors in 2016 for your convenience.

Cloud Computing Vendors


The collective of several cloud computing services that are offered by Amazon have been termed the Amazon Web Services or AWS. Amazon cloud services have all but taken off this year as they have introduced the new, unlimited storage feature in order to stay in competition with its contemporaries.

This service offers two plans- the Unlimited Photos plan allowing a user to store unlimited photos and placing a 5 MB limit on files and videos, while the Unlimited Everything plan gives the user the freedom to store as many files, videos, and images they desire, for only $11.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Compared to others, this service is quite cheap and puts connectivity with media at the top of its priorities. Yet, we would suggest other platforms if you are choosing one for a bigger enterprise.


Microsoft has been around for quite a while and with their recent Microsoft Azure release, they have further climbed the charts. Still, the primary source of their popularity remains in a name we are all too familiar with: OneDrive.

You can store all and any kind of files, and access them all from your mobile and computer devices. By enabling backup in your Android, Microsoft or Apple devices, you can automatically store each photo or file you create, in the cloud where it will be arranged by type for you.

The only backset would be the fact that since the beginning of 2016, the free storage has been reduced to 5GB from 15GB. But instead, they have offered a 50GB paid plan worth $2 a month, which is perfect for those with limited cloud space needs.


Google Cloud Platform has been quite efficient and in-demand as of late. Also being the cloud platform that is hosting the hot application POKEMON GO, Google has proved that it is one of the top cloud vendors out there currently.

The Google Cloud Platform is not specifically designed to carry out simpler tasks, but is instead designed for complex developments for deployers looking for a highly customized cloud for their enterprise.

The service is quite quick, allowing the engine to boot quickly, as well as provides the user with a platform that they can use to build mobile applications and comprehensible websites. Anyone looking for a platform where they can store large amounts of data and have it easily and quickly accessible, Google Cloud Platform is recommended.


Icloud’s cloud services have been rated a staggering 9.7 out of a 10 by experts in terms of features, accessibility, and ease-of-use, making it a definite pick for 2016’s top cloud vendors. For users who are looking to sync and secure their data on the cloud, then this is the cloud vendor to turn to. While you can save and sync files and folders using iCloud, you can also use it as a data-syncing platform for your emails, reminders, calendars, or any other such documents.

While the usage of this cloud service is limited only to Apple users or through web browsers on its website, it is still a great interface to utilize and is also quite efficient in wireless syncing.

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