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How to Scan Windows 10 with Defender while using Another Antivirus

a couple of years ago
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Did you install third party Antivirus and now wants to Scan Windows 10 With defender? Then article is for you.

An extra layer of personal computer protection is never going to cause any harm to anybody. And if it happens to be an in-built security tool in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there’s certainly no harm. There’s another anti virus software installed in system? No problem. Windows defender will still keep protecting your Personal Computer. Below is the procedure for scanning your Personal Computer while having another anti virus running in it.

The Windows Defender cannot be run in Windows 10, if there’s another anti virus installed already. When you try to do so the application will disable itself. But ready for some good news? The latest Operating System update is loaded with a lenient offering where there’s additional protection for your system. The details are as follows.

Scanning with Windows Defender

You can always allow for limited periodic scans for your personal computer. But there’s nothing like full time protection with Windows Defender for you if you have been using a different antivirus program. Windows Defender intermittently performs a scan to see for any malware left out by the installed anti virus program. Following is the procedure to enable it as it is not on by default.

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Windows Defender

1. Roll to Start and click Settings.
2. Hit Update & Security.
3. In the left, select Windows Defender.
4. In the Windows Defender screen, enable the Limited Periodic Scanning feature.

Though, this feature can only be enabled if there’s another anti virus program that you are using, because Windows Defender by default runs and scans periodically to protect your system.

Scan manually with Windows Defender

Keeping aside the fact that you have been using a different anti virus program, you can carry on a manual scan of your system with Windows Defender.

1. Turn up Windows Defender. Move to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender and Enable Windows Defender.

Windows Defender


2. The Windows Defender dialog box opens up showing that limited periodic scanning has been activated. It also indicates that another AV program has the real time protection sorted.

To manually scan, Click Quick for a fast scan, Full for deep system scan and Custom for scanning anything of your liking or need. Scan Now is clicked manual scan begins.

Windows Defender pops up and tell you if there is any type of malware found in the system when it is scanned and you choose what to do with and how to deal with it.

In the Windows Defender dialogs History tab you can anytime look for a list of malwares found.

Ponder thoroughly and change your anti virus program if you have to. If Windows Defender pops up every time you Scan Windows 10 With defender or else in the best case scenario, you should rarely find any malware. Keep up with the malwares!



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