How to forcefully replicate within Domain Controllers

8 months ago

Active Directory Replication is one of the major topics, when it comes to learning Active Directory.

Changes made in the domain are replicated with the help of replication topology and KCC plays major role in the same.

AD replication happens automatically once connection objects are created by the KCC.

But sometimes System Administrator has to forcefully apply replication with the help of repadmin commands or from AD Sites and services.

Is AD replication is PULL or PUSH?

Still most of the System Administrators gets confuse if Active Directory replication is PUSH or PULL. And the answer is PULL.

Domain controller sends notification to its replication partner after changes are performed like user account creation, deletion etc.

In this article we are going to see Repadmin switches or commands to replicate changes made in the active Directory.

Let’s consider, we have created user on one of the Domain Controller and we need to replicate it across all domain controllers.

By default, this is an automatic process and replication should complete within some time depending on the network connectivity and DC performance.

How to forcefully replicate changes with the help of Sites and Services?

To, replicate with the help of AD sites and Services, we have to go to Administrative tools and then click on AD Sites and Services.

You can also use dssite.msc command in the Run box as per below print screen.

Force Active Directory replication in Windows Server 2003/2008/ 2008 R2/2012 R2

Once we do changes on any of the Domain controller, like creation of user account or group or if any information is updated on the users attribute level. Domain controller replication occurs as per the configuration with other domain controller in a PULL method.

Below are the commands to replicate the changes forcefully in other domain controllers.

Repadmin /syncall DCname /AeD


A - All partitions

 E - (Enterprise, cross sites)

 D - (Distinguished names)

Repadmin /syncall DCname /APeD


A - All partitions

 P - (Push)

 E - (Enterprise, cross sites)

 D - (Distinguished names)

PS: Don’t need to mention DCname, if you are running this command from DC itself.


Active Directory replication occurs as per the design and configuration. But sometimes we have to forcefully complete the replication between 2 domain controllers. AD sites and services or repadmin commands are useful to do the task.

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