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Step by Step procedure to change domain controller IP Server 2008/2012

a couple of years ago
Switch IP Address

This article defines how to change domain controller IP. There are basically 2 scenarios to switch IP address between 2 DC’s.

  1. If System Administrator has installed new OS and would like to replace old DC.
  2. If one of the site is closed and DC has been move to new site with new IP subnet.

In this article we will talk about change of domain controller ip for the same site and we have installed new Operating System in our new site.

So, we are going to do IP switch between Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controllers.

What are the Prerequisites to change domain controller IP

Before switching IP address between 2 Domain Controllers, we have to make a note of prerequisites & dependency on those DC.

  1. Get Temp IP from network team from same subnet range.
  2. Check if DC is used for Exchange server or not. And if yes informed Exchange team to do necessary steps.
  3. DHCP – Make sure you change DNS IP in DHCP after IP switch.
  4. DRAC IP or VMware Esxi host credentials are working or not.
  5. This task requires atleast Domain Admin rights.
  6. PTR Record needs to be update.

To change  domain controller IP recommended time would be off office hours.

If DC’s are on remote location, make sure you have DRAC or VMware Esxi Credentials. To begin with the task, login into DRAC and take a remote console of the server.

In this scenario below are the details for DC

Operating System Hostname Current IP Address New IP Address
Windows Server 2008 WINITEXP-DC1
Windows Server 2012 R2 WINITEXP05

And I have used as a temporary IP address

Go to Run and type ncpa.cpl to open Network Properties Window. As shown in below snap.

Right click on the Network Adapter and select properties.

Select IPv4 and click properties.

Now change current IP with Temp IP address.

Go to DNS Manager and right click on the DC hostname. And click on the properties.

Select Interface tab and click on the radio button “Only the following IP address” & select Temp IP address.

Run Command ipconfig /flushdns & ipconfig /registerdns

Expand Forward Lookup Zone and right click on the” _msdcs.domain.com” and click on the properties. Select Name Servers tab and check if Temp IP has been updated.

Then Right click on the domainname.com and right click on the Properties. Select Name Servers tab and check if IP has been updated.

Take a Remote Console of Windows 2012 R2 DC from DRAC or VMware ESXi. And change IP address to first DC. In our case it’s Windows 2008 DC.


On Window 2012 R2 DC, Open DNS Manager Mmc and Expand Forward lookup Zone and right click on _msdcs.domainname.com, click on properties and select Name Servers tab, check if new IP has been updated, if not select DC name and click on Edit as shown in below snap.

Insert FQDN of the DC and click on Resolve and now it should resolve with new IP. Click on OK.

Now select domainname.com and right click on it. Click on Properties and select Name Server Tab. Make Sure new IP has been updated for that particular DC.

Change domain controller ip on Windows 2008 DC

It’s time to change Windows 2008 DC IP with Windows 2012 IP. Simply change IP and follow above given steps recommended for DNS. Below snaps are for illustration purpose.

Here after changing IP address of DC, Host A record for DC was removed and DC IP address was not updated in above snap. Reason behind this issue was “Only the following IP address” which is DNS server listening interface was not selected. So as soon as I check correct IP, host A record of DC appear into DNS Manager MMC.

IP switch activity is now completed. After changing IP address for ever DC do not forget to flushdns and register DNS with ipconfig /flushdns & ipconfig registerdns. Also run dcdiag and repadmin /replmon tools from cmd to check for any errors and correct them.

PTR Record needs to be updated

If you have reverse lookup zone, DC IP will automatically change by replication. You have to inform DNS team or if you have rights on external DNS appliance, change it manually.

Hope it would be helpful for you and do comment below if you like it. Thank you and will meet in next Article.

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