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Easy ways to Save Searches in Windows for Quick Access Later on

Would like to Search something in Windows?

You got to retype the keywords every time you need to look for recent files in Windows. Well, no more as this feature called Save Searches is going to save you a lot of trouble. And if only you happen to be extra geeky and need to search by volume, range of date or file type, you got yourself a treat if you employ this feature.

Being the first thing you behold under the address bar, it’s actually not an Einstein thing.
And in Windows 7 it’s actually straightforwardly put below the address bar to make it a thing of ease and convenience.

Save Searches in windows

Searches Folder

The ‘Searches’ folder gives you the access to everything you may have saved which is a default setting but you want to save it elsewhere, go for it. Even the Quick Access to find it in the little left of your system’s sidebar.The file explorer shall give you your results right away once you click them, now that you’ve got it all right.

Thinking of yet another easier way. Yes there is. The address bar contains icons to be taken from one place and to be saved anywhere else. Win 10, 8 and 7 have been reported to support this. Mind you the windows will save this as a shortcut and not an actual saved search. Anyway, you are still a double-click away from your search results, same as it was for the saved search thing.

Save Searches in Windows

Save Searches in Windows Pin To Start menu

Only in 2015, Win 10 enabled you to pin to the start menu too. Makes the Save Searches thing a heck lot better, doesn’t it? And who would have guessed that the not-so-trustworthy and user-friendly, Win 10 will have this feature for you to play along?

Save Searches in Windows

You got yourself better vision and results as you just went along saving the searches in numerous ways you couldn’t have imagined.

You think there’s another think coming? Nice and easy. No! That’s it. Everything, at least all available on Saved Searches till now.

After this has been this easy, why would you have to repeat everything every time you have a combination of parameters or how does it matter where are you even searching? You’ll always have Saved Searches to save your soul, all ways!

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