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10 best and worst versions of windows OS

Have you ever been checked previous version of windows OS which is good and bad?? Read on Every company in the world has seen the booming success, as much as in the parallel universe they have witnessed some dirt-biting failure.Even the leaders of the market too have had their hits and misses. Remarkably, Microsoft has […]


5 Steps to Move Windows OS from your old hard drive to SSD

Source SSD is the best way to improve your Windows performance regarding speed Source One of the most amazing ways to make your PC run faster is by installing a solid-state drive (SSD), without any doubt. The SSD upgrade is beneficial in upgrading the performance of your system. Not only SSD improves the speed of […]


Windows 10 upgrade and you stuck how to use it?

Windows 10 upgrade and don’t know how to use it? then revert it back to old OS So you upgraded to Windows 10 just in the awe of it. Well, let me tell you straight to your face, Windows 10 is not your thing. Some might like it, but, clearly it’s not for everybody. Unlike […]

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