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[Solved] Quickly Resolve Windows 10 Resolution Issues

How to Resolve Windows 10 Resolution IssuesWindows 10 has a very common problem that a lot of users have complained about. As much as Windows 10 was a hit and everyone loved it, it also had a resolution issue that many had an issue with. A number of people complained that after they installed it, the […]


[Fixed] – How to Resolve Windows 10 Sleep Issues

There are multiple ways of shutting a laptop down, and putting it on sleep is a rather preferred one. It is because it doesn’t shut down completely, so it saves you time when you are switching it back on. At the same time, it changes its mode and saves power as opposed to being on […]


[Fixed] – Getting Windows 10 Bluetooth Issues?

The latest version of Windows 10 is brilliant in terms of performance. It introduced a number of features and made multiple advancements. Its users are sufficiently impressed by it. Windows 10 has made changes both in terms of design and functioning. It means that you do not only get a version that is prettier in […]


Never Buy Windows 10 Bluetooth Headphones until you read this

Headphones are a fantastic and versatile feature to any technological device. Whether you’re someone that has to stay in contact with many people for work throughout the day, or you simply want to listen to music easily.The best Windows 10 Bluetooth headphones will serve you a plethora of purposes for an inexpensive price.In this article, […]


Powershell To Get Report for all Group Policy Objects

Group policy Object is actively used for security prospective in the organizations. And to keep records or reports for all these GPO’s is very important task for IT Administrator. So int this article we are going to get report for all group policy objects with the help of Power shell. Scenario: We are having 2000 […]

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