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Get-aduser | Easy ways to get your user details

Get-AduserGet-aduser? what’s the use of it? One day, one of the clients came to us to ask for the user details like all the users in the domain, user’s properties, and users from particular OU, with their samaccountname, and user’s member of some of the groups.And get aduser powershell cmdlet does the rest of the […]


How to download .NET Framework 3.5 and latest netframeworks

According to Wikipedia, MS started developing .NET Framework in late 1990s and they release first beta version in 2001.Since then, there are multiple Windows applications which require .NET Framework to be installed on the systems.There are different versions of Framework, first version was .net framework 1.0 and latest one is 4.7We can install .NET Framework […]


Active Directory Recycle Bin | How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Restore-ADobject

Restore-ADObject is an Powershell cmdlet to restore Deleted AD Objects from Active directory Recycle bin in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 as well.In the previous versions of Windows Server Operating Systems, we had to perform non authoritative restore or authoritative restore in active directory​ and it totally depends on the issue. […]


Powershell To Get Report for all Group Policy Objects

Group policy Object is actively used for security prospective in the organizations. And to keep records or reports for all these GPO’s is very important task for IT Administrator. So int this article we are going to get report for all group policy objects with the help of Power shell. Scenario: We are having 2000 […]


Unable to open mailbox properties in Exchange 2010

Error: WARNING: The object “object path” has been corrupted, and it’s in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors happened: WARNING: Property expression “object name” isn’t valid. Valid values are: Strings that includes ‘@’, where ‘@’ cannot be the last character As an Exchange administrator we get above error message because of corrupt AD account […]

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