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Are you looking for Powershell free training?

Powershell is the King of Automation in Windows technology

Are you an IT admin and your boss wants you to make critical & time consuming tasks quickly. So, Powershell is the king of all the tricks in Windows. Simply, learning Powershell is not as easy as doing those time consuming tasks. We have to do practice of it by taking different scenarios in mind and try to make it easy. This video series from MVP Don Jones will help you take Powershell free training and its available on Youtube.

Now a days Powershell is very much popular among the System Administrators and most organizations are come up with Job Description as Powershell would be an added advantage and most of the engineers avoid these mails as they don’t know it or don’t know from where to learn it.

It is basically an Important technology which every Infra Professional should learn and be master of it. You can learn Powershell for free from Youtube, channel9 & Udemy for free.

Below is an Introductory video from the well known Powershell MVP Don Jones. In this series he has explained from basic to advance, and how to write single liner & simple powershell script to advanced one.

So Enjoy this Free Powershell video series here

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