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5 IoT tools that can make you Fly High

a couple of years ago
Internet Of Thigs

These days, the people in the world of IT do not have many topics to discuss about other than the Internet Of Things which surely seems like it is the next big thing that will catch every other individual of the world.

Having said that, not even the experts have been able to define the Internet of Things properly because they themselves are not sure that what the potential that it carries is.

Recently, even though IoT is still in its development phases, it is known to have been making strides all across the globe as it has enabled not only people but devices.


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The surroundings and the virtual objects to get connected to each other and interact in a way that has never been done before.

A series of technological advancement the world has been hit with so that the gap between the technology and its usage can be narrowed down. In order to that, the big IT companies have been designing software as well as the hardware to make all of the dreams a reality!

Would you believe that there are some experts from the IT industry who have gone as far as to claim that the “Internet of Things” is more or less the “Internet of Everything”. The IoT as it seems would not only affect the multi million dollar industry in the form of enterprise application but will also affect a common man’s daily routine as so far, it has been seeping into the lives of people every day around us in the form of connected devices and home automation along with many others. This new breakthrough is pretty much changing everything we do, even the way we sleep!

Having said about the importance of IoT, we know want you to take a look at these 5 insanely amazing tools that will surely make you fly high in the world of IoT. These tools will surely help you in developing and employing powerful IoT applications for not only big industries but for everyday use. So, let’s start with the countdown, shall we?


Mnubo is a big IoT developmental solution which caters usually to the big data analytics need with the help of three solutions that it come along with namely: mnubo smartobjects, mnulabs and mnubo smartobjects. Having the tendency to facilitate the Big data analytics, you can with its help speed up your programming work on coming up with intelligent software rather than wasting time on the software itself. It also supports you by giving you the necessary underlying technology so that you could focus on what you do best!



There is no word that would be able to determine the importance of Oracle in designing and developing tools. With its help, you could reign all of the huge data that is needed to create the Internet of Things by providing you with the seamless connection between each part amongst its architecture. The software is very popular to deliver a highly secure and integrated platform for all of the IoT architecture by giving the user access to real time data capture and responses.



This particular IoT developmental platform assists you in a great amount when want to add new services to the existing product. The dashboard that it has offers real time access to the features of the devices. It also acts as a central figure to all of the devices connected to the tool. Not only this, the dashboard also helps the user by giving him real time notifications and alerts and provide him with all the historical reports and analytics so that the user is able to turn all of the machine data in to a usable one.


Just like its name, the tool Openremote is an open source middleware solution that will enable you to connect any kind of device without giving any preference to a brand or protocol. It is also free in the sense that with it, you can design any kind of user interface for all the platforms namely, IOS, windows or Android. Adding to that, the system’s tools also help you in streamlining the upgrades for all of the customized solutions that you come up with!



How great would it be to be able to connect any device to your mobile, right? Well, with ioBRidge, this has become a possibility. The ioBridge has been equipped with RealTime.io IoT platform and also integrated with lota technology making it easier to connect multiple devices to your mobile on a single go. It has the capacity to connect even a million devices at a single time. This tool helps you in speeding up your time to connect and as a result it brings down your cost per connection.


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