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How to Scan Windows 10 with Defender while using Another Antivirus

Did you install third party Antivirus and now wants to Scan Windows 10 With defender? Then article is for you. An extra layer of personal computer protection is never going to cause any harm to anybody. And if it happens to be an in-built security tool in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there’s certainly no […]


Are you looking for Powershell free training?

Powershell is the King of Automation in Windows technology Are you an IT admin and your boss wants you to make critical & time consuming tasks quickly. So, Powershell is the king of all the tricks in Windows. Simply, learning Powershell is not as easy as doing those time consuming tasks. We have to do […]


How Not Knowing Windows 10 Product Editions Makes You a Rookie

Windows 10 Product Editions Microsoft launched many versions of Windows 10. The various Windows 10 product editions are to be sold to end users directly and with current markets of mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Some confusion and bewilderment might address some of the consumers as the Windows 10 product editions are just too many. […]


Install Windows 10 on Mac book with Boot Camp

Do you wants to install Windows 10 on Mac ? Releasing its Boot Camp update, Apple made sure that the consumers using Windows Operating System in an Apple system are not left far behind than the Apple OS users. This added official support for Windows 10 for Macs running OS X Yosemite. Watch Video:Free & […]


5 IoT tools that can make you Fly High

These days, the people in the world of IT do not have many topics to discuss about other than the Internet Of Things which surely seems like it is the next big thing that will catch every other individual of the world. Having said that, not even the experts have been able to define the […]