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Would like to use Free Windows 10 License once changed your PC’s Hardware?

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Windows 10 Free license

Would like to use Free Windows 10 License once changed your PC’s Hardware?

Having a word moving around that you can associate your genuine Windows 7 or 8.1 based PC with Windows 10 forever. See the Windows 10 admirers are already cheering up! Just follow these instructions and you will be gain this energy to see yourself in the centre of the universe without ever having to activate the Operating System manually after clean installing the Operating System at will.

You need to simply upgrade your system to Windows 10 and that too just once. Cool! No?

Upgrade as you please. Use reservation system or the Windows Update or maybe use Setup media/ISO you got from Microsoft.
In a similar scenario, if done the above, see the change and thank us later when Windows 10 will activate. What’s the catch here, you ask? Just be online and the system’s digital entitlement is automatically registered with the Windows Store.

Free Windows 10 License

A hardware ID which is unique to your system is generated and is sent to the Windows Store. It holds the information about the Central Processing Unit, motherboard and mostly TPM. Though your Microsoft account information is not shared, only the system gets registered in case you decide to give it away or get a new one. This little system of yours will activate the new updates in Windows 10 going forward, always, all ways. Oh and did we tell you, your previous Operating system is not affected at all by this? It will still activate along. Double awesome!

Let’s see about a clean install, shall we?

One is the device can simply be reset after upgrading from previous genuine Operating System. This has to work, like always. A clean install superimposable configuration comes to your plate now.

Two, use install media to boot up. When the install is done, do not I mean do not enter a product key to let Windows 10 activate automatically.

Free Windows 10 License

Anyway, Microsoft won’t give you a product key. Also, why do you need one? The system is already registered man!

Something might make you uncomfortable thinking if there’s some hardware change. Like in a motherboard replacement case the system will not have the same hardware ID. Don’t worry if an authorized repair centre does this to the system.

They will very easily insert an OEM key, which in turn will make sure that the system is activated still and going forward as the new ID now gets registered with the Windows Store. However, if you do this yourself, get ready to phone activate this process.

In a layman’s language, nothing gets altered and you can breathe a heavy sigh out now.