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Have you ever been checked previous windows OS versions which is good and bad?? Read on

Every company in the world has seen the booming success, as much as in the parallel universe they have witnessed some dirt-biting failure.Even the leaders of the market too have had their hits and misses. Remarkably, Microsoft has released at least 10 versions of windows OS since 1990. And apparently not being such a great fan of all of them, here’s presenting the rating of the 10 best and worst versions of windows OS. Let’s roll from the worst to the best.

10. Windows OS XP (2001)

windows os

Windows XP (2001)

Okay, hold on. I know you love it now but there’s a reason to everything. Now, here’s the explanation. Remember the security nightmares Win XP had given you when you first started using it? Well, I do. Worms and viruses were able to attack almost anytime destroying everything that you’ve created. And after that simultaneously came Service Pack 1 and 2. SP2 established the XP, you loved so much.

9. Windows 95 (1995)-

windows os

Windows 95 (1995)

Here comes another gem. Win 95 was the pioneer when it comes to 32-bit version of Windows (mostly). I still remember the irritation and frustration this OS had carried with it. The drivers had some serious bugs floating around. And how can I miss the MSN? Browsing Windows Explorer folders for contents! Imagine that now.

8. Windows NT 3.1 (1993)-

windows os

Windows NT 3.1 (1993)

Now it happens to be the original 32-bit version of Windows. It was hard seeing it having the installation problems, very little hardware support, and the compatibility issue. Not until the version 3.5 which only got the attention of the system admins. What about it if it’s not even for normal population!

7. Windows Vista (2007)-

windows os

Windows Vista (2007)

Too ambitious. Too much expectations. But too slow. Yes, all the dreams Microsoft had for Vista shattered the moment when it was established that it was too slow and intrusive. The thoughts like it would replace XP were slowly brought to death when this little project of Microsoft dragged on for years to the point of it being started over.

6. Windows ME (2000)-

windows os

Windows ME (2000)

The consumer-centric final member of Windows 9X race was Windows ME. Crashed like every once in a while, couldn’t function well in the absence of a newer hardware and more or less looked like Win 2000. Whatever, it may have been but it for sure gave features that are still a part of Windows, like System Restore and Movie-maker.

5. Windows 98 SE (1999)-

windows os

Windows 98 SE (1999)

A 16-bit OS with Internet explorer 5, internet sharing support and performance enhancements couldn’t be as amazing as this was. Some said Windows 98 was “Windows 95 with THE trick” and so say all you want to that SE was Win 98 with THE trick.

4. Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (1993)-

windows os

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (1993)

One word for this one- trustworthy. The local area networks and TCP/IP were the areas focussed during this version launch. With an interface that was literally an experience for Workgroups.

3. Windows 2000 (2000)-

windows os

Windows 2000 (2000)

You want some head-banging work done then this one’s for you. Created originally aiming at the huge amount of business work this line of OS was with the Windows NT group. There are still believers of it being the best they ever had their hands on.

2. Windows XP SP2 (2004)-

windows os

Windows XP SP2 (2004)

You see that SP2 written all over the face of XP? That is the sole reason for this OS to be at this place. It was enhanced, corrected and loaded with features in the Service Pack 2. It had it’s awesome days when Vista was out and those days became yet more awesome still, after the Vista was out.

1. Windows 7 (2009)-

windows os

Windows 7 (2009)

Stable, secure and it’s totally awesome. Without any doubt any system administrator would agree that Microsoft has given the combination of each year since 1990 in the form of Win 7. And well, you know and see for yourself that the interface is no match for anything previously done.

Special Mention: Windows 10 (2015)-

windows os

Special Mention: Windows 10 (2015)

Oh! Just so to let you know, till now it hasn’t really been what we hoped for, as every other person, we hear, is downgrading to Win 7. But you never know if another “Service Pack” is just around the corner!

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